Air Purification

No more Particles, Allergens & Contaminants in the Air


HEPA Sterilization & UV Air Purification System

Designed for homeowners who want the combined performance of HEPA filtration, UV air purification and odor removal in one self-contained unit.

The HEPA filter is 99.97% effective, trapping particles to 0.3 microns in size. Purification is done through a germicidal process and photo-oxidation. The air is pulled into the aluminum UV reaction chamber where the air passes parallel to the UV lamp, bombarding it with UVC and UVV light, and destroying airborne biological and chemical contaminants in the air. The air continues through the pre-filter and finally the HEPA filter.

This unit can be installed as a stand-alone unit (wall-mounted), as a bypass unit (linked to a duct) or can be directly installed on the surface of a duct (duct-mounted).


Combined HEPA filtration system and UV purification for a complete IAQ solution in one unit

  • Captures particulates
  • Destroys airborne germs
  • Reduces common household odors


  • 2″ pre-filter and true 2.5″ HEPA Filter
  • 220 / 300 cfm, 2-speed blower
  • Patented ‘J ’ Lamp
  • High output ballast


  • Lamp: 3 years
  • Ballast: 3 years
  • Motor: 3 years

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