Air Disinfection

Purifying Air & Eliminating Odors


Air Purification Unit

Installed parallel to the airflow, the Quattro is a smaller version of the BioWall for air disinfection.

Installing a Quattro in the ventilation duct allows maximum disinfection thanks to a prolonged exposure of the bio-contaminants to high-power UVC.



  • Complements filtration
  • Avoids high pressure losses
  • Ensures continuous air quality
  • Destroys up to 99.9999 % of the bio-contaminants


  • Installed parallel to the air flow, the unit allows more contact time between the particles and the UV radiation
  • Reflectors focus and maximize UV energy
  • Flow meter included for unit control
  • Outdoor LED indicating lamp status


  • Lamp: 2 years
  • Ballast: 3 years
Ahmed – 2020-04-01
Ahmed – 2020-04-01
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What the max. duct size and velocity of the air inside the duct? Cécile Gouyon-Bourgeois – 2020-04-01 Quattro is effective for 3-10 Ton HVAC systems pending airflow velocity and desired microbial destruction rate.
Jin Kim – 2020-05-22
Jin Kim – 2020-05-22
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Is this an install-it and forget-it device or does it require regular cleaning or maintenance? Thanks for your advice. Cécile Gouyon-Bourgeois – 2020-05-25 The only maintenance on the unit is changing the lamps every 2 years.

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