Air Disinfection

Destroying Odors in Garbage Rooms


Odor Removal Unit

Ideal for buildings that often struggle with strong and lingering odors, such as garbage rooms, sports rooms, etc.

The Sanuvair® S300 OZD is designed to recirculate the air continuously in front of the UVC and UVV lamps, thus preventing the proliferation of harmful bacteria and neutralizing bad odors emanating from garbage putrefaction. The hydroxyl controller will automatically react to a concentration of 0.025 ppm.

The process is done in 3 steps. First, bacteria, viruses and mold are sterilized by germicidal UVC in the aluminum reaction chamber. Second, odors and chemicals are treated by UVV photolysis. Third, a pleated prefilter MERV 8 protects the blower.

Sterilized and filtered quality air is then distributed throughout the room.


UVC and UVV purification unit for an effective solution against odors

  • Eliminates strong and lingering odors
  • Improves air quality
  • Purifies from 200 to 300 cubic feet per minute


  • 2 patented ‘J ’ lamps, one of which is a full UVV lamp
  • Hydroxyl controller
  • 2″ pre-filter
  • 2-speed blower, 220 / 300 cfm
  • High output ballast


  • Lamp: 2 years
  • Ballast: 3 years

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