Sanuvox utilizes a shorter frequency of UV light called Vacuum UV or UVV to destroy odors by photolysis. This frequency of light produces hydroxyls that actively eliminate cannabis odors within a duct system.

Utilizing a fan and 20 feet of ducting, the Sanuvox system can eliminate exhausted Cannabis odors. Maintenance required is routine annual lamp replacement, thus no more costly and urgent carbon filter change outs.


  • Destroys up to 99% of Cannabis odors being exhausted
  • Less maintenance and energy draw than Carbon can fans
  • Removes odors from common spaces such as hallways and offices


  • Exhaust Duct mounted or stand alone units available
  • Plug and play options
  • Sized specifically for your odor problem
  • No maintenance for one year


  • Odor Mitigation Lamps: 1 year