Surface & Room Disinfection

Disinfecting Food Products


IL Food Safe
Purifier for Food Products and their Packagings

Ideal for all types of food: meat, poultry, fish, fruits, vegetables, cooked food, etc.

As the system is incorporated into the production line, the lamps are covered with Teflon, that will trap pieces of glass in the event of breakage. The units are positioned in such a way that they provide a consistent dose of disinfection on each row of the conveyor. The speed, width and length of the available conveyor for installing the system make it possible to calculate the number of units required for disinfection.

A study by the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at Laval University shows that the exposure of strawberries to artificial ultraviolet radiation would extend their shelf life by one-third.


  • Disinfects food preparation, processing and packaging surfaces
  • Increases the shelf life of products
  • Eliminates mold
  • Eliminates the chemical cleaning of food products


  • Available in sizes up to 60″
  • LED Status display
  • UV lamp boot protects the connection


  • Lamp: 2 years
  • Ballast: 15 years

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