Air Purification

Rid homes of musty odors!


UV air purifier for HRV/ERV unit

Eliminate bacteria, viruses and mould that pollute homes with each cycle of recirculation of the HRV/ERV unit.

Using the Sanuvox patented process, this unit is designed to fit into the air exchanger and reduce the biocontaminants and odors that circulate in the house.

An affordable solution for those who do not have a central ventilation system.


  • Protects from airborne germs
  • Reduces common household odors
  • Helps alleviate allergies and flu symptoms
  • Helps control asthma
  • Sleep better
  • Simple installation and easy maintenance


  • Patented process including High-Intensity 19mm Quartz UVC/UVV ‘J ’ Lamp
  • 25 watts UVC / UVV lamp
  • 110V power cord with grounding, 12 inch aluminum tube
  • 4-bolt access door and external LED for lamp and ballast


  • Lamp: 3 years
  • Ballast: 3 years

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