Cultivation Room Odor Control Option with Air Disinfection System

The Sanuvox Green Clean S1000-OC unit combines the synergistic capabilities of high intensity germ killing UV-C with a proprietary gas phase cannabis odor filter to reduce heavy cannabis odor within the cultivation rooms and to kill harmful biological contaminants. Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, mould, and bacteria are destroyed by the (4) high intensity UV-C lamps, and the heavy cannabis odors are reduced with the use of the new GC S1000-OC model.

Engineered for rooms up to 25,000 cubic feet*, the GC S1000-OC unit continually disinfects and destroys odor at a performance rate of up to 99%. It is designed to be a self-operating unit that can be mounted onto a ceiling or a wall.

* This is a rule of thumb: each facility is unique and has different room layout, concentrations and types of contaminants. Only Sanuvox engineering software will determine the right sizing.


  • Destroys harmful mould, bacteria, and associated Cannabis odors
  • Captures and disinfects up to 99% per hour
  • Combines the best Indoor Air Quality technologies available
  • Plug and Play easy installation


  • 4 high-intensity UV-C air disinfection lamps
  • 4’’ Proprietary Gas Phase Cannabis odor filter
  • High speed 1,000 cfm fan
  • Easy maintenance for long term operation

Collar and uninsulated flex ducting includedd


  • UV-C lamps designed to operate for 17,000 hours
  • Proprietary Gas Phase Cannabis odor filter designed to last 3 to 6 months


  • Lamps: 2 years
  • Ballasts: 3 years
  • Motor: 1 year