Stand Alone UVC Filter Air Disinfection System

The Sanuvox Green Clean S1000-G4 unit combines the synergistic capabilities of high intensity UVC, carbon and MERV 15 filtration to capture and kill harmful biological and chemical contaminants found within a Cannabis grow facility. Contaminants such as Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, Moulds, Bacteria and associated odors are all disinfected or eliminated with the use of the GC S1000-G4 model.

Engineered for rooms up to 25,000 cubic feet* with no HVAC system, the GC S1000-G4 unit continually recirculates and disinfects the air at a minimum of 3 to 8 times per hour depending on operational conditions. It is designed to be a self-operating unit that can be mounted  onto a ceiling or a wall.

* This is a rule of thumb: each facility is unique and has different room layout, concentrations and types of contaminants. Only Sanuvox engineering software will determine the right sizing.


  • Destroys harmful mould, bacteria, and associated Cannabis odors
  • Captures and Disinfects up to 98.5% per hour
  • Combines the best Indoor Air Quality technologies available
  • Plug and Play easy installation


  • 4 high-intensity UVC air disinfection lamps
  • 2’’ MERV 7 charcoal pre-filter
  • 4’’ MERV 15 post-filter
  • 1,000 cfm fan
  • Aluminum reflection chamber for UV lamps with easy access to change lamp

Collar and uninsulated flex ducting included


  • Lamps: 2 years
  • Ballasts: 3 years
  • Motor: 1 year